Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I've done alot in 25 years

If there is anything that my  25 years on this earth thus far has taught me, it has been learning to enjoy the simple things.

Salutations, my name is Raechel Schepens and I am a 25 year old working mom and wife.  I used to be known as Raechel Brown before I married my wonderful husband, Derek,  on August 23rd 2008.  I cannot believe that it had been nearly 2 years since our nuptuals, but I  must say, its hard to imagine life before or without him.

Our little girl, Abby, is 18 months old today... athough she looks and acts like a 2 year old.  As we speak she is tugging at my legs, trying to get to the keyboard.  I pick her up, put her down, and repeat.

She was born on February 4th 2009, one week before her due date of February 11th.  Thank goodness that restless little girl was early because I was running out of ribs to bruise.  Her birth was an experience that changed my life forever, and made my life complete.

Since this BLOG is titled "I've done alot in 25 years", the details are as follows:

1) Been to two other counties: Dominican Republic and Mexico (3 times)
- Icluding studying aboad in Mexico for a 2 week interesession course.  On this trip I made some lifelong friends that I will cherish always.  Visiting these other countries humbled me and made me very thankful to live in such a great country. 
- Our domican republic honeymoon was at the dreams punta cana resort.  It was an all inclusive gig that was nice, but we definetly got sick of eating the same food every day.  As a matter of fact, we both spent an entire day in bed.

2) Graduated from College.  In may of 2008 I graduated from CSU Chico with a degree in business administration with an option in marketing.  If you were to ask me then what I was planning on doing with my degree I would have said, "Im going to be an advertising executive".  In reality I am an accounting assistant for a rice boring.  If I could do it all again... I would have chose nutrition and dietetics.  But who has time or money to go back now.

3) Bought a house.  There will plenty more details on this subject later, im sure of it.  For now, let me just say that we didnt do our research.  We are not in the safeset of neighborhoods and this market is flooded.  Many paint cans, a couple new ceiling fans and appliances, two landscaped yards, countless trips to home depot and a couple thousand dollars later... we are finally making it our own.  Just in time to move again...haha.

4) Got Married.  Derek proposed to me in November of 2007.  He was on a strike team for weeks, and came home unexpectedly with a diamond ring.  After months of debate and planning, we planned an August 23rd wedding at the woodbridge golf and country club in Lodi, Ca.  An unexpeded surprise was also on board.  I was about 12 weeks along with our little peanut by the time the wedding rolled around.  Luckily, my dress still fit amazingly well, and I didn't show a bit.

5) Had a baby.  Abby was the greatest gift we could have ever recieved.  When I found out that I was pregnant I was so scared.  I didnt know how we were going to provide for her.  And to be honest, besides a couple babysitting gigs as a teenager...I didnt know squat about babies, or parenting.  We were only 23 when we had her, but you would be surprised how wise you become when another life is in your hands.  Its true what they say, with all of the "motherly" instincts, you really do figure it out.

6) Ran a Marathon. After some inspiration from my sister in law, Sarah, I joined up with a local running club, Sac Fit.  I began training with this club when Abby was 4 months old.  I have always been an athlete, and while pregancy had taken a small toll on my body, I was able to bounce back.  I was never a runner though, my passion is in the water... but I stuck with it and now I am signed up for another marathon.  During my training last year, I also had a 10 mile race, and a half marathon in addition to the CIM.  I am much stronger this year, and hope to cut about 20 minutes of my previous race time. 

We reach so many milestones along the way.  Every day is a new beginning.  I always flew through life so quickly, not paying attention to the small things, the simple things.  I  never noticed, until I was a mother, how precious every moment is.  Watching Abby reach all of her milestones has been such a pleasure.  Now I aim to never forget these milestones and to never forget to stop and smell the roses. 

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